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Plastic Vibration Welding

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Vibration plastic welding is used to join large plastic parts through frictional heat and pressure generated in a linear or orbital motion (vibration). The surface of one part is vibrated against the other, which is generally fixtured in a stationary position. Vibration welding lends itself to large or irregularly shaped parts and difficult to weld resins that do not work well with other methods. Vibration plastic welding produces high-pressure hermetic and very strong structural seals, and it is more forgiving (tolerance variations, wall thickness considerations) than most other methods. Closed Loop Process Controls.

PAS Vibration welder capabilities:

  • Automatic Frequency Control and Weight Compensation
  • Weld by Distance or Time
  • Multiple Program Memory Storage and Touch Screen Interface
  • Automatic Vibration Amplitude Control During Welding
  • Multistage Weld Sequencing
  • Printer Option for Weld History

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