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Thermal Press Assembly Systems

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Thermal assembly systems make use of direct contact- heated tools and precisely controlled time, temperature, pressure and cooling, to reform plastic studs, walls, and protrusions, or to embed metal components into plastic. This offers the ability to perform multiple operations on several planes simultaneously. Cycle times are relatively fast, and productivity can be increased through the assembly of multiple products. Cosmetics are so exceptional that heatstaking appears to be an extension of the molding process. Heat Systems with interchangeable process tooling for: Staking, Insertion, Embossing, Hot knife degating, Date coding, Filter media, Membrane sealing and Tamper evident packaging.

  • Arbor Style Lab Presses
  • Bench Top Pneumatic Systems
  • Automation Actuator Heads, Modular Power Supplies, and Rotary Systems
  • High Tonnage Multilevel and Multi-point Systems
  • Closed Loop Process Controls: Multi-point Temperature zones, Multilevel Distance control, Dual Pressure Force control, Multi-point and Independent Temperature Zones, Microprocessor and Standard Time models available Heat Staking - Thermal Assembly Machines

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