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Spin Welding Systems

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Our spin welding units are the perfect solution to your thermoplastic welding needs when you're working with spheres or cylinders of any size. Frictional heat joins the two parts when the upper piece is spun at high speeds against the other. It's ideal for large and small part plastic assembly as well as a wide range of thermoplastic resins. Hermetic sealing capability is central to the popularity of spin welding.

Spin welding is the perfect solution for thermoplastic welding situations. It's precise and is perfectly suited to the low heat conductivity characteristics of thermoplastics. It's a superior welding technique for any application in which you need to entrap additional parts between the upper and lower pieces during the spin welding procedure. Spin welding is also an excellent alternative to ultrasonic welding for far-field welding.

An added bonus to spin welding is its utilization of green technology. To learn more about the ways spin welding is better for the environment, click HERE

With no additional parts needed, spin welding is a cost effective, secure solution to all your plastic resin joint needs when working with spherical or cylindrical components. Other advantages include lower base equipment costs, energy efficient operation, hermetical sealing capabilities and ease of assembly. There's virtually no down-time for cooling needed with spin welding and you eliminate the need for costly ventilation systems often needed with other welding techniques.

PAS offers everything your company needs for flawless, on-site spin welding, including:

  • Touch Panel Controls
  • Multistage Speed Control
  • Multiple Program Storage
  • Linear Distance Control
  • Multistage Pressure Control
  • Angular Control Option for Final Part Orientation
  • Dual Servo Control

Click here to view Spin Welders

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