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Used Ultrasonic Welders

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PAS offers a wide variety of used ultrasonic welders, used heat stakers and refurbished equipment to meet your budget, as well as your assembly needs. All used ultrasonic welders are warrantied and ready to go. Our large inventory of ultrasonic welders also enables us to set up and debug tooling that we manufacture for you using the same brand of ultrasonic welders that you are using at your facility. When you purchase a new system from PAS, we offer trade-ins on your used equipment. Our inventory consists of many makes and models, including used Branson, used Dukane, used Sonics and Materials, used Herrmann, used Sonitek, used Forward Technology, used Mecasonic, used Ultrasonic Seal, used Thermosonic, used Sonobond and used Rinco ultrasonic welders so we are trained in the use of our competitors machines in order to meet every customer's individual needs.


  920 IW

Branson (5)
Used Branson Ultrasonic Welders

  Dukane 40 kHz DPC

Dukane (12)
Used Ultrasonic welders

  Sonics and Materials 20kHz used welder

Sonic & Materials (4)
Used Sonics & Material ultrasonic welders

  Mecasonics welder


  Ultra Sonic Seal used welder

Ultra Sonic Seal (3)

  Rinco old ass welder


  PAS 20 kHz used welder


  Forward Technologies MCR 20kHz welder

Forward Technologies





  Converters used

Tons of used and rebuilt converters for every make and model machine ever made. We specialize in those hard to find items.

Don't forget we repair and rebuilt all converters.

  Boosters used

PAS has tons of used boosters for every make and model ultrasonic welder. We reface and retune, manufacture new. Call PAS for prices and delivery.


PAS has tons of used and lab horns avaible for every make and model ultrasonic welder. We manufacture new horns as well.

Don't forget we also reface and retune your existing horns.

  Air press

Other Used Equipment


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